Atlas Renewable Energy Implements Solar Grazing Initiative at Quilapilun Photovoltaic Park

  • The company implemented the solar grazing technique as a pilot plan in a limited area where new technologies and initiatives of the Quilapilun photovoltaic plant, located in the Metropolitan Region of Chile, are tested, generating shared value and promoting the development of a circular economy.
  • This technique will allow controlling the growth of grass in a natural way, reducing the use of machinery for its maintenance and, at the same time, will support the nutrition of local livestock, which has seen its feed reduced due to the country’s historic drought.

Santiago, Oct. 15, 2023 – Quilapilun, the first large-scale solar power plant located in Chile’s Metropolitan Region, owned by Atlas Renewable Energy, has implemented a pilot program with the solar grazing technique to expand its contribution to the sustainable development of the territory, since the activity has been affected in the area due to the water shortage that is being experienced in Chile. 

In the context of the great drought affecting the country, the company identified an important reserve of vegetation and grass in an area of the photovoltaic park, and this is how the idea of supporting the community near Quilapilun by helping sheep grazing arose. The initiative is being developed in an area of 80 hectares, in a fenced sector separated from the rest of the project.

By means of “solar grazing” a sustainable solution that Atlas had already implemented previously in plants in Uruguay, the flock of twenty sheep is fed daily in this area, taking advantage of the grass and vegetation available. This action undoubtedly generates shared value between the community and the company, providing food for the animals and generating a natural method of vegetation control, contributing to the maintenance processes of this area in the solar plant.

To have control and security of the sheep, the pilot plan is being carried out in a remote area of the plant where Atlas carries out innovation and development activities to test initiatives that will later be used in its projects since it is a fenced area, which allows to minimize vehicle traffic. It is estimated that the project will remain active until December of this year as long as the availability of the turf permits. At the end of the project, the continuity of this pilot plan will be evaluated to continue generating shared value and promoting the development of the circular economy.

About Atlas Renewable Energy

Atlas Renewable Energy is an international 100% renewable energy generation company that develops, builds, finances and operates clean energy projects in Latin America. It has more than 4 GW of contracted projects, of which 2.2 GW are currently in operation, making it one of the largest solar power producers in the region.

It currently has three large-scale solar projects in Chile. Javiera, located in the Atacama Region, generates 161 GWh yearly. Quilapilun, located in the Metropolitan Region, generates 243 GWh yearly, and Sol del Desierto, located in the Antofagasta Region, generates 714 GWh yearly. The company is developing its first wind portfolio in south Chile (ALPACA), adding another 417 MW of clean energy for Chile.

In each project, the company seeks to be an ally in the territories where they intend to develop through an early relationship with the communities, promoting dialogue, participation and social investment. In addition, the company is committed to promoting international best practices in terms of environmental care and supporting communities to create shared value through capacity building and creating programs that support community development.

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